Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pillow Talk

We have a bit of a tradition at MarkMail where we give away T-shirts at the conferences we attend. Printed on the front of the T-shirts we put the mailing list traffic chart generated by the community whose conference we're attending. Last year we did it at ApacheCon in November, then again at XML 2007 in December. We did it at JavaOne too. They're fun because they're personalized, and to the recipients the long bars often bring back memories of fast growth, new product releases, and raging flamewars.

One of the recipients of a T-shirt at XML 2007 was B Tommie Usdin. Tommie doesn't like to wear T-shirts. No, she likes to make T-pillows out of them instead. Recently she emailed us a picture of her handiwork:

We just had to share.

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Bastoune46 said...

Hey that would be great in MY bedroom ^^