Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome community plumbers (aka Drupal)

Towards the end of last year we loaded up the Drupal archives and subscribed to their active lists. Drupal is a pretty successful project with lots of real-world use and we figured they might be reasonably chatty online.

As preparation for this post, I checked out the Drupal front page. I love a good analogy and their HTML <title> but a good smile on my face:
    <title> | Community plumbing</title>
It made me think we might re-consider the MarkMail title, given what we do. MarkMail helps organize development communities and so my first thought was:
    <title> | Community organization</title>
More specifically, we help with project histories so I changed it to:
    <title> | Community histories</title>
And then, perhaps best of all, I landed on:
    <title> | Community libraries</title> 
And as the chart above shows, these folks are pretty chatty and have been so since about 2004.

So here's a hearty welcome from us at MarkMail


to the busy folks over at Drupal


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The wide world of Ubuntu: 1.9 million messages

A few months ago, we loaded up the publicly available Ubuntu archives and subscribed to their active lists. MarkMail now searches 313 Ubuntu lists and 1,917,153 messages. The first Ubuntu list started in July 2004 and there are currently 200 active lists, recently accumulating 4,061 messages per day.
Ubuntu is very much a world-wide project. Below is a recent snapshot of the message counts for Ubuntu lists associated with specific counties:

United Kingdom21,995