Friday, March 7, 2008

Average Load Time: 0.1 Seconds

There are many challenges in running a high-traffic web site. Performance is a challenge we particularly focus on at MarkMail because users get frustrated if they have to wait more than a second for a reply.

The challenge in maintaining performance increases as more of a site's content gets built dynamically -- meaning on the fly in response to user requests rather than ahead of time where it can be directly served (like a McDonalds hamburger).

With MarkMail we build every page dynamically using XQuery. Even a page that at first blush seems as if it could be pre-built, like an individual email message, we actually build dynamically because we want to highlight the search terms from your query.

All this is why I was so happy to notice that calls us a "Very Fast" site...

  • has a traffic rank of: 128,666 (UP 745,248)
  • Speed: Very Fast (99% of sites are slower), Avg Load Time: 0.1 Secs
Here's some background on how Alexa tracks performance.

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