Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Feature: Top 10 expands to Top 100

Every time you do a search on MarkMail the leftmost pane shows you the top 10 lists, senders, attachments, and message types for all emails matching your query. OK, it's not always 10 that you see. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less. Exactly how many you see depends on your browser size. But even if you're the proud owner of one of those new 17" MacBook Pro laptops with the 1920x1200 screen, the view maxes out around 25.

We've added a new feature to help improve this. When there are more values than will fit in the selection box, you'll see a "View more" link in the top right corner.

Clicking on "View more" shows the top 100 in an overlay.

Clicking on any of the values in the overlay will limit your search, same as clicking on a value in the short list. Enjoy!

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