Monday, February 4, 2008

Saxon: Loaded 10,000 emails about XSLT and XQuery

We've recently begun archiving the saxon-help mailing list, with its 10,000 emails about the famous XSLT and XQuery processor written and maintained by Michael Kay.

Michael's a great guy, in person and online, and he writes long detailed emails answering people's questions. He stays considerate even when the receiver is being a little "dense", ignoring people's help and exasperating the others who try to help out. A recent quote from Michael on the xquery-talk list:

I've spent five or ten minutes writing this response in the hope that you will learn from it and not make the same mistake again, which will save everyone time in the future. If you come back with another query showing the same error in a week's time, I shall give up.

I hope that by making the saxon-help archives more easily searchable than the built-in SourceForge search we'll be able to save him and the readers even more time.

Extra tidbit: If you admin a project on SourceForge and want your archives in MarkMail, there's an easy way to work with SourceForge to make that happen. Just let us know.

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