Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Feature: Sweep the Chart to Select a Date Range

People often write us saying they want to click or sweep on the chart to select a date range. We're happy to announce that's now possible.

To demonstrate, if you search for JavaOne you see a repeating yearly spike which correlates to the dates of the annual Java developer conference. Lets say you want to investigate what people said in just the last few years about the show. You can click and swipe your mouse over the time period of interest:

This adds a date: constraint to the query and automatically updates the search results. You can remove the date constraint by clicking on the "Remove date refinements" link in the top right of the graph.

You can sweep to select or click on individual months, and if you hold down control (command on a Mac) it toggles the selection, enabling you to create non-contiguous selections.

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