Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Announcing an Informal Partnership with Codehaus

We're happy to announce we've developed an informal partnership with Codehaus to load all their mail archives and receive automatic notification of new Codehaus lists as they get created.

The automatic update is particularly important because Codehaus is a fast-growing home to open source projects with new lists being created all the time. How fast is Codehaus growing? Looking at the traffic chart, it shows a beautiful upward trend line. For comparison, it has the same level of activity as Apache had in late 2000.

Previously we loaded the Groovy, Mule, and XFire archives from Codehaus. We now have the archives from Grails, Castor, Mojo, JRuby, Plexus, PicoContainer, Cargo, Drools, OpenEJB, and XStream as well as almost a hundred more. In total we're archiving 400,000 emails across the Codehaus lists.

P.S. Curious what happened in May 2006? They had some ISP troubles that month. And of course the last month is short since February has only just begun.

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