Thursday, May 1, 2008

Loaded Eclipse and NetcoolUsers

Yesterday we loaded the email archive histories for two new communities: Eclipse and NetcoolUsers. Normally I wouldn't talk about these two communities in the same blog post, but after the load it occurred to me that both projects (coincidentally) relate to IBM. More about that at the end.

Eclipse ( is an extremely popular open source development tool project, initiated by IBM back in 2001. (The name was widely seen as an attack on Sun.) It took off and lots of Java developers use it as their IDE. They have a beautiful growth chart:

NetcoolUsers ( is a user community focused on IBM Tivoli Netcool. For a single list it's quite hopping (25 posts/day):

The fact both these communities relate to IBM is purely coincidental, but it's also interesting because it reflects the direction of pull we're seeing from the MarkMail user base. It's an early sign of what you can expect in the future: more technical content beyond open source.

Technical lists come in many flavors: pure open source (Apache, JDOM), corporate-sponsored open source (Eclipse, Xen), standards development (W3), technical user groups (NANOG), and groups focused on proprietary technology (NetcoolUsers). We plan to expand along each of these axes.

If you have a list you'd like us to load, let us hear about it.

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