Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Loaded TAXACOM: A List about Biodiversity

A couple days ago we received a request from Roderic Page to load TAXACOM. He describes it as:

...a mailing list that dates back to the early '90's, and is a forum for taxonomists and other researchers interested in biodiversity. It is lively, with some long conversations. It's also featured as the source for sociological research, such as "Systematics as Cyberscience: Computers, Change, and Continuity in Science". Given interest in the Encyclopedia of Life (see also Ed Wilson's TED talk), which could be viewed as one response to the issues raised on TAXACOM posts over the years, I think it would be a very timely addition to MarkMail.
With a description like that, how could we resist! So I'm happy to say we've loaded the list, and (for trivia buffs) it even sets a new earliest list record in MarkMail, with archives starting back in 1992.

For more, see Rod's blog and email announcements.

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